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Where do you go to build a world-class practice?
The Consultant's Toolbox

Advisor Tools and Resources:
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We are still in the early stages of the emergence of the new advice business model. How does one add value if they cannot evaluate an investment manager against the investment mandate to which they were engaged to determine? Was the manager's performance attributable to skill, luck or style? Yet today, the leading attribution analysis software firm has only 400 licensees and 2,000 users out of a population of 650,000 licensed financial services professionals who would all like to add value for their clients.

The transparency of account performance wrought by the internet is making it clear to the investor that it is not possible to add value through a series of disjointed, unrelated transactions that we know as commission brokerage. Through the sheer will, initiative and personal perseverance of pioneering investment management consultants who have created the processes, technology and methodology necessary to add value as required under the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA), ERISA and MPERS, today we have a proven model around which one can add value for their clients.

Yet today, each consultant still has to reinvent the wheel every step along the way in creating their own investment process, finding which configuration of technology works the best and developing their own investment methodology for portfolio construction. The Consultant's Toolbox reduces the incredible burden the consultant must bear by recognizing best-in-class resources for

1.  Professional Development
2.  Process and Technology
3.  Practice Management
4.  Investment Products

So the consultant will not have to reinvent the wheel every step along the way, these resources are made available at the lowest cost available for registrants of and empowers the financial advisor to build a world-class advisory services practice. Most importantly, the Consultant's Toolbox is a complete thought on what it is required to add value. It provides an important context that clearly delineates the importance and value of seemingly disparate technologies and makes them relevant to the mission of adding value. Thus, the Consultant's Toolbox is literally everything you need to add value.

By extension, the Consultant's Toolbox accelerates the larger financial services industry's evolution toward the new advice business model and elevates the level of advice provided and the role of the financial advisor. For more information, see The Consultant's Toolbox, Senior Consultant, November-December 2001. (For faster download, choose to download the article without graphics.)

The Consultant's Toolbox will keep abreast of innovations and developments and with your help, we hope you will no longer have to reinvent the model every step along the way. If there is something better, you will tell us or we will find it. If there is not a best-in-class resource, Consultant's Toolbox will act as a catalyst to work with leading firms to create that resource as we are now in the development of an electronic asset and liability study. With the Consultant's Toolbox, you are no longer on your own, left to your own resources. You finally have access to literally everything you need to add value.

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Professional Development
Process and Technology
Practice Management
Investment Products
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Advisor Tools and Resources:
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Brought to you by PPCA, Inc.
Free Desktop Version of PIPODs Available!
Download desktop PIPODs now.

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The Best-in-Class Resources

Professional Development (in recommended order)

   Center for Fiduciary Studies' Certified Fiduciary Liability Audit course
   Investment Management Consultant's Association's Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) course
   Association for Investment Management and Research's Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course
   Certified Financial Planners Standard Board's Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course

Process and Technology: Process

   Asset and Liability Study: Charles Schwab's Advisor Branded Web Services
   Investment Policy: Rowe Decision Analytics
   Strategic Asset Allocation: Ibbotson Associates
   Manager Search and Selection: Salomon Smith Barney and Prima Capital
   Performance Monitor: Charles Schwab's Advisor Branded Web Services
Attribution Analysis: PPCA, Inc. and Zephyr
Risk Diagnostics: FinanceWare
Tactical Asset Allocation: RowPyn

Process and Technology: Technology

   Account Aggregation Technology: Yodlee and Kinexus
   Gating Technology: Pegasus
   Portfolio Management Technology: Advent and Charles Schwab's Advisor Branded Web Services
   Investment Technology: RowPyn

Practice Management

   Establishing and Differentiating Your Value Proposition: Pusateri Training and Consulting
   Building a High Performance Business Team: Paragon Resources

Investment Products

   Managed Accounts
   Exchanged Traded Funds
   Managed Futures
   Hedge Funds

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