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The needs of the investment management consultant, the management intensity of their practice, the technological sophistication required to add tangible, quantifiable value for their clients, are materially different than that of commission brokerage. This requires uncommon insight not generally found in the financial press. The editorial focus of Senior Consultant is directed at the high end of the consulting market with contributions from leading practitioners to complement our seasoned editorial staff.

Steve Winks  
As founder of The Society of Senior Consultants, publisher of Senior Consultant and chairman of PCT Publishing, Stephen C. Winks brings extensive senior level management experience within the financial services industry. Mr. Winks ran the third largest investment management consulting initiative on Wall Street. As president of FSC Advisory, he worked with John Bell Keeble, the father of financial planning, founder and chairman of Financial Services Corporation (then the largest financial planning firm in the U.S.), who coined the phrase "financial services". At Wheat First Securities, he built and managed most of the major financial product areas which accounted for over a third of the firm's revenues and a larger portion of its bottom line.

Jim Owen  
Our co-founder, James P. Owen, is the founder of the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA), a leading figure in the money management industry, author of five books on investment management consulting and a pioneer of investment management consulting, having started the first national consulting initiative on Wall Street 25 years ago.

Sydney LeBlanc photo  
Sydney LeBlanc, a consulting editor for Senior Consultant and pioneer of the financial services press, is also a founding editor of Registered Representative Magazine. The author of several industry books including Legacy: The History of Separately Managed Accounts, Streetwise Investor and co-author of PR Savvy for Financial Professionals, Sydney was involved in the early launch stages of the IIMC (now IMCA). A marketer, publisher and writer, Sydney develops transitioning and training programs for advisors, money managers and others in the securities industry.

Our 14-person editorial Advisory Board, comprised of leading consulting practitioners in the industry, advises over $150 billion in assets and provides invaluable insight on all aspects of the business.

Senior Consultant Advisory Board

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