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Professional Development

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        What You Must Do Today To Be Ahead Tomorrow Steven Drozdeck, President, The Progress Center Yesterday's "value-added" is today's "acceptable standard" ... is tomorrow's "yawn." What are you going to do today in order to be ahead of the pack tomorrow? There are major changes within our industry that are impacting your ability to do business. Your business survival is at stake. Here you will learn some success strategies for professional development that will help ensure your continued success. (Download article in pdf format.)

        Investment Consulting Craft Trades Up to 21st Century Ron Surz, President, PPCA, Inc. Successful investment consulting encompasses two distinct crafts: the ability to develop quality advice and the skill to deliver that advice. This article focuses on the pressing need for the use of current technology to bring about evolution and modernization in the first of these crafts. Only if this occurs can clients truly benefit from what we have learned about investing over the past 20 years. (Download article in pdf format.)

        Mega Producers: Part III - Important To-Do's by Steve Drozdeck, President, The Progress Center. While some of the next steps are obvious, none are easy. All require a high degree of dedication and the courage to delve into areas that substantially stretch one's comfort levels. (Download in pdf format)

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        etNetworks Show the Industry How to Assimilate All the Changes Necessary to Empower Financial Advisors to Add Value by Stephen C. Winks. On-line learning is not the next big thing, it is the "now" big thing. In times of dynamic change, it is the learner who inherits the future. Literally every significant issue the financial services industry faces over the next three years demands a learning imperative. Firms such as etNetworks have created dedicated channels (Financial Services Network) to concentrate on learning solutions which meet the investment industry's extraordinary needs. (Download in pdf format)

        IMCA Leads Industry in Training by Stephen C. Winks. Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch, two of America's largest retail financial services firms, are emerging as major players in the institutional investment manage consulting businesses. Of the 1,699 plan sponsors with more than $100 million in assets that use consultants, Smith Barney Consulting Group has 65 plan sponsor clients, ranking it ninth among all institutional consultants and just three clients away from the sixth spot, held by Hewitt Investment Group. Merrill Lynch Consulting Services comes in at 14th with 46 plan sponsor clients having assets in excess of $100 million. (Download in pdf format)

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