Popular Index Portfolio Opportunity Distributions

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What is a PIPOD?

A PIPOD (Popular Index Portfolio Opportunity Distribution) is a pure, scientific method of evaluating the performance of an investment manager using a modern-day application of classical statistics.

A PIPOD analysis calculates ALL possible performances that a manager could have achieved, based upon the manager's own benchmark and diversification requirements. The PIPOD analysis determines every conceivable portfolio combination and then ranks the manager's actual performance within this opportunity set.

What can a PIPOD analysis do for me?

Because we have to wait until after the end of the month or quarter — until index/peer group information are on the books, audited, compiled and published — it will be 5-15 weeks before we know what happened and can accordingly make assessments and adjustments. This is not the continuous, comprehensive counsel required by regulatory mandate. The old peer group rankings and index comparisons are simply not as meaningful today, in an era that is on the cusp of real-time information. Many clients, particularly those with the most assets, can now look at their holdings in real-time. Do you think these clients are interested in our counsel on current, unfolding market conditions 5-15 weeks from now or as soon as possible? PIPODs were conceived to resolve the timeliness and accuracy issues associated with the information we use to engage our counsel.

PIPODs can be done in real-time, are a more accurate metric for performance and better evaluate manager skill. Our counsel is only as good as the information we have at our disposal. PIPODs assure you of a much higher level of counsel than can be achieved with traditional peer group rankings and index comparisons.

Enhancements to Desktop PIPOD Analyses

Due to popular demand, tthe desktop version of PIPODs is again made available to Senior Consultant readers; and this time, it's much better. Here's what's new in this desktop version:

   Reliable installation. If you had problems with the earlier prototype, our apologies. Please try this new version and let us know if you have any problems.
   Many additional indexes have been added.
   Time periods have been extended to 10 years.
   Exporting the graph, table or both to Microsoft Word is easy and straightforward.
   The original bouncing blue ball (manager ranking) has now grown into a big diamond with a white border for easy visiblity.
   The number of names in the portfolio now shows in the report.

How does it work?

Complete the registration form below and download the FREE SOFTWARE. This download will include the September through November 2003 universes. The December 2003 universe now available, weeks before traditional universes. And PIPOD universes are much more accurate, offering more timely, relevant and accurate investment performance evaluations so that you, the Advisor, can better define your value-added proposition to your clients, as you act to market conditions, rather than react.

By completing the form below, you will to given access information to the new, desktop PIPODs technology to be installed and run from your own PC.

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*PIPODs desktop software has been updated. If you downloaded a version prior to December 2003, be sure you download the newer version as instructed on the next page.